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news 01-Apr-2012

[01-Apr-2012] • Now accepting pre-orders for ‘Orator’ Hunt

John Belchem – ‘Orator’ Hunt, Henry Hunt and English Working Class Radicalism

In the early 19th century, Henry Hunt became one of the most stirring orators of English Radicalism. His speech following the “Peterloo” massacre cost him three years in prison and gave him a reputation for inciting the rabble to violence. This book, first published in 1985 by Clarendon Press, considers his place in the radical movement.
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news 05-Feb-2012

[05-Feb-2012] • Now accepting pre-orders for Making Angels in Marble

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news 26-Sep-2010

[26-Sep-2010] • Now accepting pre-orders for The People’s Farm

Malcolm Chase – The People’s Farm, English Radical Agrarianism 1775-1840

This book is due to be published on October 25th.
We are now accepting pre-orders on the website at a special pre-publication price.

Other News

John E. Archer, (author of By a Flash and a Scare), was interviewed for an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Making History. Among other subjects, this 30 minute programme covered The Halsted Riots of 1816, which were a precursor to the Captain Swing uprising of 1830. It is available to listen online at