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news 05-Feb-14

[05-Feb-2014] • Now accepting pre-orders for Victor Bailey’s Charles Booth’s Policemen and Order and Disorder in Modern Britain

Victor Bailey – Charles Booth’s Policemen, Crime, Police and Community in Jack-the-Ripper’s London

What explains the law-abidingness of late Victorian England? A number of modern historians contend that the answer lies with the effectiveness of policing, and with the imposition of a ‘policeman-state’ in Victorian and Edwardian England.
Exploiting the vast archive that Charles Booth amassed for his leviathan social investigation to explore the social order of London’s East End, Life and Labour of the People in London, this volume takes issue with this answer.
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Victor Bailey – Order and Disorder in Modern Britain, Essays on Riot, Crime, Policing and Punishment

The essays in this volume, (first published between 1977 and 2000), are coherent expressions, if not of a single philosophy, at least of a recurrent theme. That theme is the relationship between order and disorder in England over the century from 1850. Despite the stress fractures caused by deepening industrialization, strengthening class mobilization, and cyclical economic dislocation, Britain was a relatively peaceable kingdom in these years. Who and what were responsible for the imposition of social order?
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